15 Easy Ways To Get Customers To Your Website In Nigeria

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Are you wondering how to get customers to your website?

This is something every business owner must think about, because without customers, your business will not grow. Even if you have the best website in the world, it will be of no use if it’s not attracting customers. Your website will be like an abandoned project, just sitting there, dusty, in a dark corner of the internet.

Luckily, you won’t have to worry about this after today. Because here, I’ll show you 15 easy ways to get customers to your website.

How To Get More Customers Online With Digital Marketing

Everything I’m about to show you is part of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the modern way of using technology to attract people who need what you sell, so you can convince them to buy from you

Anything you do online to get customers is part of digital marketing.

Whether you build a website, open a Facebook page for your business, or pay for online advertisement, it’s part of digital marketing.

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Why It’s Important To Attract Customers To Your Website

Most businesses have a website as their final bus stop, where customers book a session, place orders, or even buy directly.

Therefore, they have to channel all their marketing efforts towards their website because if they fail to do that, nobody will buy their products or pay for their service. And if nobody is buying from you then you’re not in business and it’s only a matter of time before you close shop.

But if you succeed in attracting the right people, people who are both interested and can afford what you offer, then you make massive sales and your business grows to a large scale.

Now let’s go into 15 specific ways you can get more customers to your website.

1. SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is an organic way of getting people to your website without spending on ads.

Search engines like Google are now part of our daily lives. Whenever someone has a question or wants to find something online, one of the first things they do is to search on Google. If you can boost your website, it will show up first when people search for the things you offer.

For example, let’s say you sell solar panels in Lagos State. If you do SEO well, when people in Lagos search for where to buy solar panels or other things related to problems they encounter with solar power, your website will show up. When they visit, you can give them an enticing offer and convert them to customers.

Benefits of SEO

SEO is one of the surest ways to get customers, it’s why most of the big brands do it. Some benefits are

  • Lasting results: With 6 months of good SEO, your website will keep on attracting customers for years.
  • No spending on ads: SEO brings you organic traffic. That means you don’t pay for advertisements before you can get website visitors.
  • Get relevant traffic: most of the people who visit your website from search engines are interested in what you sell. You won’t struggle trying to sell to them because they came looking for you.
  • Be a leader in your industry: people trust websites that rank on search engines. You’ll be seen as leader in your niche and customers will come to you repeatedly.

SEO has a few drawbacks though. It takes a longer time to see valuable results (at least 4 – 6 months), and you need to have some skills to do it well.

See this post to know more about SEO.

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is one of the fastest ways to get new customers to your website. If you’re just starting your business and can’t wait for 6 months, this is one of your surest bets.

All you have to do is open a Facebook ads account, set up your advertising campaign, pay some money into your ads account, and wait for Facebook to advertise your website to people.

Facebook will market your website to users, based on the instructions you gave it. You can choose how much you want to spend a day, the kind of people you want to visit your website, and their location.

Benefits of Facebook ads

Quick results: One of the greatest benefits of Facebook ads is that it gives you results faster. Even if you just started your business, it will help you attract customers in no time.

If you spot a business opportunity that is seasonal or time-sensitive, it’s better to market it with paid ads.

Cheap advertising: Compared to other forms of advertising like radio or TV, or even Google ads, it’s cheaper. You can start with as low as $10

Some disadvantages of Facebook ads

  • Short-term results: Unlike SEO that keeps attracting customers to your website for years, Facebook ads only attract people to your website for the period you spend. If you advertise for only 3 weeks, that’s about it. Customers won’t come anymore.
  • Continuous spending
  • Irrelevant traffic: With Facebook ads, you’re the one going to the customers. Some people not interested in what you offer can click on your ads, causing you to spend more.
  • Strict advertising policies: Facebook determines what you can or cannot advertise, and has policies guiding every advertising campaign.

Tip: The most successful businesses combine SEO and paid advertising. While you wait for SEO results to kick in, you can use Facebook ads to attract people. As your SEO results improve, reduce how much you spend on ads till it’s almost zero.

NOTE: Don’t go into Facebook ads blindly, else you could burn a lot of money without getting customers. Your ads need to be focused on the right audience, and you need to know what influences them to buy.

[Download our Facebook Ads Guide]

3. Social Media

Social media is one of the newer ways businesses reach customers and attract them to their website.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter (X) are the top platforms, and recently WhatsApp is turning into a social media platform.

Initially, social media was used as a way of communicating with friends and family. But as it grew, businesses saw the opportunity. Because wherever millions of people are, there’s a likelihood that some of them will be interested in what you sell.

Two things are important if you want to successfully attract customers through social media.

First, you need to know your customers in-depth. Some people are more interested in watching TikTok videos than reading Facebook posts. Some people prefer Instagram reels to tweets. You need to know what to say to attract your customers online, and you can only do that if you understand them and their needs at a deeper level.

Secondly, you need to choose the platform where your target audience is active and understand how it works. If you’re selling to people in their 40s and 50s, TikTok might not be the best platform. Likewise, if you’re looking to attract young adults, Facebook may not suit them.

Once you understand your audience and choose the best social media app where you can find them, all you have to do is create content that will speak to them. Within a few months, you could start getting visitors to your website through social media.

See this post to get more out of social media marketing.

Benefits of social media

Stay close to customers

People spend a lot of time on social media these days. According to GWI, the average user spends almost 3 hours on social media each day. If you succeed in gaining their attention, you’ll be the first that comes to mind when they want to buy.

Little expertise required

It takes basic skills to start marketing on social media. You don’t have to learn anything technical.

Little to no spending

Promoting your business on social media is free. You only need to create catchy content that speaks to your audience.

Disadvantages of social media

Irrelevant traffic

Many people on social media will follow you, engage with your posts, yet never buy from you.


Because of the ease, many business owners prefer to use social media for their marketing. So there’s more competition.

Risk of losing your hardwork

If your account gets closed, your hardwork is gone and you might never be able to recover your content.

[Get our social media marketing guide]

4. Influencers

If your business is growing slowly and you want to reach customers faster, consider partnering with an influencer.

It doesn’t have to be the most popular figure in your country. In every local community there are microinfluencers, people who are known by almost everyone in that city.

You can strike up a deal with such persons for them to help you promote your website

[Guide to choosing the best influencer for your business + list of over 300 influencers across various industries and niches]

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform that focuses on images, infographics, and other forms of visual media.

If you have unique images, infographics, or other informative graphics, you can create a Pinterest account and upload them to your page.

On your Pinterest page and in the captions of your images, you can add a link that will direct users to your website.

6. Sponsored posts/Guest posts

Creating a post on a popular website or blog is another way to get people to come to your website.

This is called guest posting. If you pay a fee, it’s a sponsored post.

After agreeing with the owner of the blog, you’ll write the blog post and add a link back to your website. That way, you’re marketing your business to their audience.

7. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video platform, and the second most visited website in the world. Everyday, millions of people go there to search for answers to their questions, free courses, and entertaining videos.

You can set up a YouTube channel, create videos that solve the problems your target audience usually face, and direct them to your website.

Combine this with SEO and you’ll see increase in the number of people visiting your website.

8. Podcasts

Podcasts are similar to radio shows in which a host invites different guests to talk about a particular topic. They’re found on platforms like Spotify.

Starting a podcast that talks about your industry is a way to stand out and position yourself as a leader in your market.

At the beginning or end of each episode, you can make a shout-out and highlight your website to attract people who are interested.

9. Quora

Quora is an online forum where people post questions to the general public and wait for willing individuals to answer.

Answering questions on Quora and placing a link to your website is a strategy you can use to attract customers to your website.

To stand out, only answer questions that you can contribute valuable insights to.

10. Nairaland

You can get customers to your website for free using Nairaland.

Nairaland is the most popular Nigerian website, with over a million people visiting it each day.

It’s a forum with different topic sections like sports, politics, business, jobs/vacancies, entertainment, and lots more.

The tactic here is similar to what is done on Quora – you create valuable posts or answer questions, and then direct people to your website.

Nairaland has strict rules against spamming, and they can easily suspend your account, so it’s important you follow the rules.

11. Google Ads

Advertising on google is another fast way to increase website traffic. If you want to send a lot of traffic to your website then you should consider it.

It is similar to Facebook ads, but it is more expensive and more competitive.

The advantage it has over Facebook ads is that only people who are actively searching for what you offer in your ad will see it. So the visitors to your website are more valuable than those gotten from Facebook ads.

12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking site. If your business is related to professionals in the corporate world then you can’t ignore LinkedIn.

Creating a LinkedIn page, adding a link to your website, and posting relevant content while networking with other individuals can increase your reach.

13. Medium

Medium is a blogging site where users can write stories and get paid.

As a business owner, what you want to do is to leverage the audience of medium and channel those who are interested in what you sell to your website.

The strategy here is similar to the guest posting I mentioned earlier. The difference here is that medium is free to use. You don’t need to reach any special agreement or pay them to publish your articles.

14. Host a free training

This works for businesses who sell information products like online trainings and skill acquisition programs.

If you’re looking to increase your reach and attract new customers to your website, then you should consider hosting a free training.

During the free class, you can direct people to your website.

15. Sponsor a physical event

Last on our list of 15 ways to get customers to your website is sponsoring a physical event. This is for larger brands looking to expand beyond their current user base. It could be a conference, a humanitarian service, or any event that both aligns with your company’s values and interests your target audience.


There are many ways you can attract customers to your website, and they all fall under digital marketing.

SEO is better for lasting results, but it takes longer and more skill to succeed. Facebook ads is a faster way to get customers, especially when you’re just launching your business.

Looking to attract customers to your website? That’s what we do here at THE SEO GENIUS.

We are a complete digital marketing agency and we’ll create a custom strategy for you that will attract the right people who need and can afford what you sell.

Get a free consultation.

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